Login the Domain Manager and go to Contacts

This page shows you the contact handles in your account and allows you to manage and edit your various contact handles by either clicking directly on the desired contact handle or by performing a search.

Update contact details
Actions menu


  • Specify a contact handle and click 'search' to search for a contact handle
  • Create a new contact handle by clicking by clicking 'Add contact'

Update contact details

Take note: Most ccTLD registries do not accept contact updates. If you run into errors that notify you of a registry not allowing an update, create a new contact and update the domain that needs changes to the newly created contact handle.

  • Open the contact you need to make changes to and click on Update to edit the currently selected contact handle details.
  • Submit the changes and click 'save changes' to finalize the update.

  • Click on 'Actions' to add additional properties for example. The list below gives an overview of the actions that are available through the action menu.
Action menu
  • Add Properties: Used to add extra information when a TLD requires this. For more information on how to add additional properties to a contact, check the additional properties knowledgebase article.
  • Split: Allows you to split contact handles so you can detach a handle from a domain. For more information on the split process, check the split contact knowledgebase article.
  • Request validation: Validate the contact handle for numerous registries. For more information on requesting validation on a contact, check the contact validation knowledgebase article.
  • Duplicate: Used to make a copy of the currently selected contact handle. For more information on duplicating contacts, check the duplicate contact knowledgebase
  • New contact: Creates a new contact handle with the same data
  • Delete: Used to delete a contact handle that is no longer in use
  • History: Shows you the history of a contact handle.
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