Emergency Reservations

Login the Domain Manager and go to Finance > Emergency Reservations

Realtime Register offers Emergency reservations; a service allowing for a negative balance for a maximum of 5 days. Emergency reservations are meant for reducing the risk of domains not being renewed because of insufficient funds. Please be sure to apply if you haven't already.


The conditions for accessing the emergency reservations are:

  • a minimum of 250 EUR emergency reservations, with a maximum of 2500 EUR can be applied for
  •  the amount may not exceed the value of 50% of the highest single deposit in the last 12 months
  •  no rights can be derived from this offer, or recover damages for late or not granting the emergency credit at all
  •  the balance should reach a positive level again within five days
  •  if the balance is negative for a longer period then the five days, additional charges will apply; please see compensation section below
  •  if the account exceeds the period of 10 days with a negative balance; Realtime Register reserves the right to revoke the account.
  •  Realtime Register reserves the right to deny the emergency reservations even if it was granted on a previous occasion.


The following fees apply:

  •  Transactions bringing the balance to a negative or executed with a negative balance will be charged with an additional 20% mark-up with a minimum of 1.00 EUR charged for each action
  •  For each additional five days, the balance is negative an additional minimal fee of 10% is charged.

By applying for the emergency reservations the reseller agrees to the conditions and fees charged. Please allow 2 business days for processing your request.

  • To apply for emergency funds fill out the data shown in the webform below and submit. You can find the form under Finance > Emergency reservations in the Domain Manager.
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