Updating account details

Update company details
Update company name

Updating company details

  • Click the 'Edit' and change your account details as desired. Please note that this step is mandatory in order to update your company name.

  • Submit all the changes you wish to make and click 'Update details'.

  • You've now succesfully changed your company details. Please note that this step is mandatory in order to update your company name. To update your company name, follow the instruction below.

Updating your company name

  • Prior to requesting your company to be updated, follow the steps in the updating company details section of this knowledge base article. It's a requirement to first update the details you can manage yourself prior to us changing your company name.
  • In order to update your company name, we need a valid COC/business registration form on which your new company details are detailed, a valid VAT number, and your new company name. Also, an updated and signed copy of the Realtime Register contract is required to verify the name change. You can download the Realtime Register contract through the link below.

Realtime Register contract

Before providing us with the appropriate documents to update your company name, be sure to update your brand settings.

  • When you're ready, please send all the requested documents to support@realtimeregister.com using the contact email address known in our systems. Support will then get back to you as soon as possible.
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