The search bar offers a fast and easily accessible way to reach all functionality available in the portal.

You can search directly for any products by prefixing your search with a shortcode as listed in the table below, such as 'domain' or 'certificate commonname', but you can also directly search for any functionality normally reached only through its specific dashboard, such as 'deposit' or 'whitelist'.

To start searching instantly, you can hit the / key and start typing. This will automatically start a search command without having to click the search bar first.

Shortcode Description Examples
domain / d Search the domain category specifically domain example, domain, d
certificate / cert / ssl Search the SSL category specifically certificate commonname, cert commonname
sitelock / site Search the SiteLock category specifically sitelock commonname, site commonname
contact / c Find a specific contact in your account contact registrant1, c registrant1
user Find a specific user in your account user admin
brand / b Find a specific brand in your account brand default
host Find a specific host in your account host
template Find a specific DNS template in your account template example
deposit Do a deposit deposit
kb / help Search the knowledge base kb domain status, help branding, help mfa may require you to whitelist us in any adblockers
any product or category Go to a dashboard directly domain, certificate, sitelock, contact, brand, finance, user, template

You can also use wildcards in your searches. Wildcards that can be used are _ for a single character wildcard and % for a wildcard of any length. Example: domain ______.% would search all domains with 6 characters and any length TLD. Another example would be domain %.__ where domains with any length but only those ending in 2 character TLDs are searched. Wildcards will work with any search, not just domains.

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