AdultBlock Brand Protection

Protect your brand in the adult space, designed to stop the modern-day abuse of names on the Internet

Main Label Block

Block trademark labels across all four of our adultthemed TLDs (dotXXX, dotADULT, dotPORN and dotSEX).

Variant Label Blocking

The blocking service is available in two unique product offerings, AdultBlock and AdultBlock+.

Both services have the same powerful core features of domain blocking across all four adult-themed TLDs, where the names are not currently registered. This includes premium domain names, as well as the future registration of names already registered.

AdultBlock+ goes even further by providing unlimited blocking of all additional look-alike names generated using the Unicode Consortium standard. Unlimited blocking applies to all labels generated by the TMCH and contained within the Signed Mark Data (SMD) file. These look-alike variations are susceptible to abuse as they appear confusingly similar to the trademarked term. With an average of three labels per mark and the scope for thousands of variations per name, as a result of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) script variants and homoglyph characters, phishers often use these look-alike domain names to confuse users.

AdultBlock+ customers no longer need to choose which labels they want to protect as all labels and variants are covered.

The enhanced service provides brands with a powerful tool in combatting this threat both now and in the future.

Protect your domains today! Apply trough our support team. 

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