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What is DPML and what is its purpose?

DPML stands for the Domains Protected Marks List. Brand owners can add their trademark-related terms into the DPML and have them blocked from registration at the second level in all Identity Digital top level domains (Identity Digital TLDs). DPML protects trademarks holders against cybersquatting at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the terms in Identity Digital TLDs.

How does DPML work?

Brand owners must submit an exact match of their mark(s) to DPML, or a term that contains their exact match mark(s). Once a term is accepted to DPML, that term is blocked from registration in all Identity Digital TLDs for an initial period of 1 year for both DPML legacy and DPML plus. A DPML subscription can be renewed in increments of 1 to 9 years (providing a maximum 10 year registration period). A domain blocked by DPML is not functional, meaning it may not be used for a website URL, email address or other type of domain-related functionality. (See Addendum 1 for examples of acceptable and unacceptable DPML terms).

How does a Trademark holder buy a DPML?

The trademark holder must first register a mark with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The mark must be registered according to the “use” standard, which is the same standard for registration during the Sunrise period.

How many TLDs will DPML protect?

A full listing of Identity Digital TLDs is shown at: A full schedule of TLDs covered by Identity Digital DPML product is available via 'DPML 

Are there any exclusions?

Previously Registered Domains: A term will not be blocked in any TLD where that term is already registered as a domain. If a domain is initially excluded from DPML because it is already registered, a rights holder may still subscribe to DPML (and block the term in all other Identity Digital TLDs) . If the previously registered domain expires or is deleted, DPML protection will then automatically apply to that TLD.

Premium Domains: In Identity Digital TLDs, most domains are priced as standard. However there are a limited number of higher priced premium domain names. DPML Legacy blocks terms for standard priced domain names only, while DPML Plus blocks standard and premium domain names.

Reserved Domains: Reserved domain names are domain names that the central registry has held back from general registration. This means that they are not available to register. The reason for this can vary. In some cases, certain domains may be held back due to ICANN mandate.

Other Sunrise Rights: Another trademark holder with Sunrise rights for a term may register that term as a domain name, even when a DPML block exists for it. This is known as an “override” (see Addendum 2 -‐ Operational details). For DPML Legacy, the registry will accept a sunrise application from a Registrant with a valid trademark for the term, regardless of whether they created the original DPML block or not. For DPML Plus, the original DPML block holder must provide the SMD used to create the block and the tech support team will assist with their sunrise application. 

Is there WHOIS output for DPML?

Yes, the WHOIS output states that the domain is blocked from registration.
“The registration of this domain is restricted, as it is currently protected by a DPML Block.

Additional information can be found at:

What is an override?

A DPML block on a specific domain may be overridden and the domain registered by any trademark owner with Sunrise rights to that domain. An override can be performed at any time and can be initiated by the owner of the DPML account or, in the case of DPML Legacy, by another owner of the same trademarked string. The party performing an override must have an exact match, Sunrise - eligible trademark for the domain (i.e, the overriding party must have a valid Signed Mark Data, or SMD, file issued by the TMCH).

Note: a DPML Plus block can’t be overridden by another trademark owner; only the owner of the DPML Plus block will be eligible to override a domain covered within the block. Should you require any assistance with overriding a DPML Plus blocked domain, please reach out to our Tech Support team via and provide the SMD used for the original block. 

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