Trade - current procedure: 


The bellow steps must be followed accordingly:

Step 1 The current registrant generate the trade authorization key with the administration tool from www.rotld.ro, .ro Domains, On-line Administration and send the key to the future registrant;

Step 2 The future registrant fill the ON-LINE TRANSFER RIGHT OF USE FORM;

Step 3 The current registrant generate the TRANSFER REQUEST DOCUMENT.

The .ro domain name transfer right of use is finalized after the payment confirmation id done by the bank and after the documents and form are verified and accepted by RoTLD.

Trade new procedure (starting 20-07-2020)  

Dear .RO domain user,

Taking into account the need to streamline certain processes in the current context and supporting the .RO domain names end users, we would like to inform you, in compliance with the provisions of Articles 5 and 20 of the .ro Domain Name Registration Agreement available at www.rotld.ro, that from the 27th of July 2020, the Trade (Right of Use Transfer) procedure will be simplified as follows:

  • In the new procedure for right-of-use transfer, the current holder will still have to issue the authorization key and transmit it to the future holder, meaning that the key will be used when filling in the future holder data into the online transfer form. Therefore, Steps 1 and 2 of the current Right of Use Transfer procedure will remain unchanged;
  • The step involving the completion, signing and transmission of the transfer document (Request / Transfer Agreement), currently the 3rd Step of the procedure, shall be removed. Generating the right-of-use transfer key from the administration panel and transmitting the key to the future holder will represent, in itself, the agreement of the current holder to transfer the right-to-use over the .ro domain name to the future holder.
  • All other aspects and implications of this process will remain unchanged. The invoice representing the fee for the service of transferring the right-of-use, together with the fee corresponding to the maintenance period chosen by the future holder will be issued based on the data filled in by the future holder into the right-of-use transfer form.

Given the above, we emphasize the importance of keeping secure the password that grants access to the .ro domain name online Administration Panel, at www.rotld.ro, and that, by giving this password to a third party, the domain name holder takes full responsibility, risking having his/her/its domain name(s) right-to-use transferred to a different entity.

The National Register for .RO Domains (RoTLD, www.rotld.ro) will perform checks on the data accuracy of contact details of .RO domain names holders, according to provisions of the Contract and the Rules published at www.rotld.ro.

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