Transfer in

To transfer in a .HU domain, follow the procedure below:

Take note: No authcode is required for a .HU transfer.

  • Create a contact handle, or search for a contact handle already created with valid data to use for the transfer. For a detailed description on how to create a contact handle, check the contacts knowledgebase article
  • If necessary, add additional properties for RegistryHU to the registrant contact.
  • Request a transfer through the Domain Manager. For instruction on how to transfer a domain through the Domain Manager, check the initiate transfer knowledgebase article.
  • If the additional properties have been added correctly and contact validation has been approved, The transfer will be requested with the .HU Registry.
  • Have the registrant approve the transfer through e-mail. The e-mail is sent directly from the registry to the Registrant and admin contact. After confirmation, the transfer will complete.

Transfer out

To transfer out your .HU domain, follow the procedure below:

Take note: .HU transfers do not require an authcode to transfer out the domain.

  • Simply have the new registrar request the transfer and the registrant confirm the transfer through the transfer form that is available through the new registrar. 
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