VeriSign Registry Lock

What is Verisign Registry Lock Service?

Verisign Registry Lock Service can help ensure that .com, .net, .tv, .cc and .name domain names do not get hijacked. Domain name hijacking occurs when an attacker gains unauthorized access to registration data for a domain name, thereby gaining administrative control over the domain that enables them to modify several elements of the domain, including the website to which the domain resolves.

Because Verisign is the registry operator for .com, .net, .tv, .cc and .name, only Verisign Registry Lock Service can offer this type of Registry-level protection for these domains. 

For more information please check the VeriSign product page  or contact the Realtime Register support team. Currently the service is priced at 300 USD per domain per year. This does include free unlocks and locks when you have to update your domain. Please note that this does not include the hosts! If you would also like to protect your hosts you would have to lock all hosts separately. 

When requesting this service please include a list of the domains you wish to enroll and add the names and contact information of the persons which are allowed to request changes for the domain. 

Need more then just the registry locks? Check out our BLOG to see what other modules you could add to protect your domain!

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