Domain Transfer Service (DTS)

The Realtime Register Domain Transfer Service is an automated transfer scheduler, designed to transfer in substantial numbers of domain names effortlessly. We’ll do the heavy lifting - all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the move!

What can the Domain Transfer Service do for you?

  • Enables you to easily transfer and consolidate your domain portfolios with one registrar;
  • Lets you schedule domain transfers;
  • Reduces the required input from registrants;
  • Helps you keep your account well-organized by minimizing the number of contact handles.

How does the Domain Transfer Service work?

We start the transfer process by analyzing your portfolio and exploring your needs and wishes. Realtime Register uses your account details of your current registrar to retrieve the required information for the transfer.

We’ll do the work from there on with your credentials, and you stay in charge. When the transfer will take place or what domains and TLDs are transferred is totally up to you. We’ll make sure to keep you posted at all times during the transfer. The Domain Manager provides up-to-date information about moving dates and provides insight into the progress of the transfer.

Get started today!

In order to activate the DTS for your account, contact support or your account manager to get started today.

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