Requirements registry bulk transfer .IT

The Italian registry offers the possibility to bulk transfer domain portfolios between registrars.

Required documents & data:

  • Online forms signed by losing and Realtime Register in the registry admin interface
  • List of domains in plain text with one domain per line
  • Printed PDF form supplied by the registry, signed by the losing registrar and Realtime Register containing statements form the losing registrars and Realtime Register that registrants will be informed and have given consent regarding the bulk transfer.


  • Contact your account manager or send an e-mail to with the number of domains that you need to transfer.
  • Price is determined on the size of the transfer.
  • Both registrars submit necessary information through the registry admin interface.
  • Documents are signed by both registrars and sent to the registry.
  • The bulk transfer will complete within 10 days depending on the delivery of the signed documents.

*Overall time of the complete procedure depends on the data quality in the transfer and the speed in which the losing registrar and Realtime Register are able to submit the necessary information in the registry admin interface.

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