Requirements registry bulk transfer .COM, .NET & .NAME

Registry Verisign offers the possibility to bulk transfer domain portfolios of a single tld with a BTAPPA* service between registrars.

*Bulk Transfer After Partial Portfolio Acquisition

The BTAPPA Service is designed to be used to transfer a significant number, but not all, of the domain names sponsored by a registrar to another registrar when certain requirements are met. The required circumstances to be eligible for the BTAPPA service are listed below:

  • One registrar has purchased some, but not all, of another registrar’s domain portfolio within the 12 months preceding the transfer request.
  • A registrar has received a written request from an individual to transfer a significant number of domain names for which the individual is the registered name holder (i.e., registrant) to another registrar.

Required documents:

  • Signed BTAPPA agreement, You'll receive a copy after terms are negotiated


  • Gaining Registrar and Losing Registrar both are and will continue to be ICANN-accredited registrars for the .com, .net, or .name TLD (as applicable) and are in good standing.
  • Both Gaining Registrar and Losing Registrar have a Registry-Registrar Agreement in effect with VeriSign for the .com, .net, or .name TLD (as applicable).
  • Gaining Registrar and Losing Registrar consent to the transfer.
  • There has been a qualifying event as defined in the BTAPPA FAQ.
  • The transfer of the requested domains would not qualify as a bulk transfer under ICANN policies.
  • The proposed transfer includes only domain names within the same TLD


  • Contact your account manager or send an e-mail to with the number of domains that you need to transfer.
  • Price is determined on the size of the transfer.
  • Necessary documents are provided, signed and returned.
  • Date and time are scheduled for the transfer to be executed, run-times are dependent on your portfolio size.
  • The transfer is executed on the appointed date.
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